Job Details
Date Jan, 10 2019
Position Pilot
Title Regional Chief Pilot - IAD
Location Virginia, USA
Requirements • Have a full understanding of Mesa Airlines operations. • Demonstrated leadership and managerial skills. • Demonstrated negotiation and problem solving skills. • Excellent communication skills, whether it be through speaking, writing or computer skills. • Must be capable of staying trained and current in either pilot seat of company aircraft. • Must be proficient in MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. • Must read, write and speak English fluently. • Must be able to work diplomatically with others in a high stress environment. • Must be able to organize and maintain a schedule of required actions and execute them in a timely fashion. Preferred: • College degree. • Have at least two year of experience within the four years preceding the job as a pilot in command of large airplanes under part 121. • Medically qualified to fly either seat in part 121 operations.
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