Job Details
Date Jan, 10 2019
Position Flight Attendant
Title Flight Attendant- RDU
Location North Carolina, USA
Requirements • Must be at least 19 years of age; • Must possess a valid driver's license or state ID; • Current passport or other travel documents allowing you to freely exit and re-enter the U.S. (multiple re-entry status); • Legally eligible to work in the U.S. (possess proper working documents); • Must possess excellent communication skills and have a professional and conservative appearance; • Must adhere to uniform standards and guidelines with no tattoos or body art visible at any time while in uniform. Examples of visible tattoo locations include, but are not limited to, hands, arms, neck, and face; • Possess a high school diploma or general education degree (GED); • Read, write, and speak fluently in English. The ability to read and converse in another language is a plus; • Must have 20/40 correctable vision in each eye; • Must have a minimum height of 4'11" and a maximum height of 5'10" (without shoes); • Must have the ability to work days, nights, holidays, and weekends and extended hours away from home; • Must be willing to work on an on-call basis; • Must be able to relocate to assigned domicile; • Must have a reliable mode of transportation to and from the airport; • Have the ability to walk and fit comfortably down the aircraft aisle while facing forward, fit quickly through the over-wing exit, and sit in the Flight Attendant jumpseat without modification or a seatbelt extension; • DOT required pre-employment drug test • TSA required fingerprint check for Criminal History Records Check • Must have flown at least once as a passenger; Schedule: Trans States Airlines operates flights every day of the year, requiring flight attendants to work a variable schedule including nights, weekends, and holidays. Flight Attendants bid on schedules, and schedules are awarded based on seniority. Flight Attendants can expect to have a reserve (on-call) schedule during their first year of employment. Salary Compensation: Our starting rate for a flight attendant is $18.00 per flight hour. Flight Attendants are guaranteed 72 flight hours per month. The company pays for parking in domicile and all hotel accommodations while on a company scheduled trip, as well as $1.80 per hour in per diem while away from base on a trip.
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