Job Details
Date Feb, 11 2019
Position Pilot
Title Captain Falcon 7X (FAR 91)
Location Colorado, USA
Requirements Education: •Bachelor’s degree preferred •Associates degree or equivalent FAR Part 91 flight operations experience (as determined by the Chief Pilot) required Licenses: •Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate •Type rating on Falcon 7X preferred Experience: •Extensive flight experience, including four thousand (4,000) hours total flight time and a minimum of two thousand (2,000) hours multi-engine turbo jet; •Broad knowledge of all functions related to aircraft operations; •Knowledge of advanced aircraft systems and avionics; •Thorough familiarity with FAA FAR Part 91 and ICAO Annexes (filed differences); •Significant international flight experience •Knowledge, understanding and appreciation for Safety Management System processes, including Risk Analysis and Mitigation, Human Factors and Accident/Incident Prevention; •Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, iPad and related software applications; including mobile technology applications; •Excellent interpersonal and writing skills. Special Physical and/or Mental Requirements: •Travel by air and overnight, as required. •Lifting and/or bending
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