Job Details
Date May, 16 2019
Position Pilot
Title Kuwait Contract F/A-18 Instructor Pilot
Location Oklahoma, USA
Requirements Qualifications: This position requires an active Secret U.S. Security Clearance. (A U.S. Security Clearance that has been active in the past 24 months is considered active.) BASIC QUALIFICATIONS (REQUIRED SKILLS/EXPERIENCE): • Bachelor's degree or higher in any field of study • Pilot wings attained through a US Navy- or Marine Corps-approved undergraduate pilot training program • Completed a US Navy or Marine Corps F/A-18 qualification training • Minimum of 800 hours Pilot-In-Command and/or Instructor Pilot time in the F/A-18 aircraft • Must have flown the F/A-18 aircraft within the last 36 months • Ability to obtain a Top Secret U. S. Security Clearance post-start • Applicants must include a resume including a flying time breakout, past experience, any special qualifications, and education • Must meet F/A-18 NATOPS/OPNAVINST 3710.7U (section Anthropometric Requirements for duty in an ejection seat aircraft PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS (DESIRED SKILLS/EXPERIENCE): • 8 or more years of military flying experience • A combination of F/A-18C and F/A-18E Super Hornet experience • F/A-18 Fleet Replacement Squadron Instructor Pilot • F/A-18 Division Lead • Top Gun Weapons and Tactics Instructor • Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) Instructor • Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System Instructor • Top Secret U. S. Security Clearance
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