Job Details
Date Jun, 07 2019
Position Helicopter Pilot
Title Pilot-In-Command (Rotor Wing)
Location Massachusetts, USA
Requirements EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: • 3000 total flight hours desired, with a minimum of 2,000 total flight hours required. 1,500 Helicopter Pilot in Command hours, 500 hours cross country, and 100 hours of night flight time all required. • 75 hours actual or simulated time required, including at least 50 hours in actual flight. 50 hours in actual IMC is desired. • Commercial helicopter license with IFR rating required. ATP license required or obtained within 1 year of employment. • FAA Class I Physical Medical Certificate. • Preferred helicopter EMS experience. • Preferred Night Vision Goggle (NVG) experience. • H145 experience a plus. WORKING CONDITIONS/PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: • Ability to operate helicopters and is exposed to non-conventional motion, noise, vibration, jet fumes, and extreme temperatures. • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds using proper body mechanics. Able to refuel aircraft at MedFlight bases and other sites. Able to pull fuel hoses in and out of the fuel trucks and fuel farm systems. • Works in a patient care environment on the aircraft and is exposed to possible infectious diseases and chemical toxins. Follows all BMF infectious disease policies and protocols. • Position may require sitting for long periods of time in a helicopter cockpit or in an office environment. • BMF Class I employment physical required. Physical exams are performed by our occupational health provider or BMF contract AME. • Height & weight requirement: In order to be eligible for employment, Body Mass Index (BMI) must not exceed 30 and/or the maximum weight for an individual crewmember must not exceed 210 pounds. Body fat percentage and frame size should be taken into consideration. • Ability to assist in loading and unloading patients into MedFlight aircraft. • Maintains a Class I Flight Physical. • No physical restrictions wearing or donning Nomex flight suits, above the ankle leather boots, and night vision goggles in the helicopter environment.
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