Job Details
Date Aug, 07 2019
Position Helicopter Pilot
Title Rotary Wing Captain-EXE000A5
Location New Jersey, USA
Requirements • Acting as pilot in command (PIC) of flights for which the pilot has been scheduled. Providing excellent customer service to passengers. • First class medical required. • Prepares flight plans and ensures that the aircraft is clean and prepared for flight with all provisions on board for the safety and comfort of the passengers. • Reviews and calculates the aircraft weight and balance, fuel on board and performance charts using checklists. • Supervises the first officer in any duties necessary for smooth, safe and efficient operation of the aircraft. • Coordinates the functioning of all crew members assigned to the flight. • Makes decisions necessary to start, delay, or cancel flights and deviate from planned route or destination when operating conditions dictate. • Holds a valid Airline Transport Pilot License and a valid Instrument Rating for the category of aircraft operated, S-76 preferred. • Have completed aircraft specific training for the types of aircraft operated. • Minimum 3000 hours total flight time experience required, 2500 twin engine experience preferred.
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