Job Details
Date Aug, 13 2019
Position Pilot
Title G-280 Crew
Location Texas, USA
Requirements • Airman Certificate: ATP • Ratings: Appropriate PIC Type Rating • Medical Certificate: First-Class, valid for ATP privileges • Total Flight Time: 3,500 (PIC) / 2,500 (SIC) • Pilot in Command: 2,000 (PIC) / 500 (SIC) • Multi Engine Land: 1,500 (PIC) / 500 (SIC) • Multi Engine PIC: 500 (PIC) / 0 (SIC) • Instrument: 300 (PIC) / 150 (SIC) • Turbine Engine: 500 (PIC) / 500 (SIC) • Time in Type: 200 (PIC) / 0 (SIC) • Training: Annual NAA approved recurrent full motion simulator (or FTD, if full motion simulator not available) in each type aircraft being flown • Willing to Type-Rate the right candidate • All Hawker pilots are on a 10 on, 4 off fixed schedule. Vacation and personal/sick days are included and available upon hire. • Perdiem offered for all flight days or overnights • Medical and disability coverage paid by Wing for all Pilots • Company Credit cards issued to cover trip expenses as well as medical and passport renewal
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