Job Details
Date Oct, 03 2019
Position Ground Staff
Title Ground/Simulator Instructor - KA350 Program
Location Georgia, USA
Requirements For All Ground/Simulator Instructors: Must be able and willing to participate in FlightSafety’s DOT Drug & Alcohol testing program. For a US based FAA instructor: Required: An unrestricted ATP certificate, or an ICAO member state Airline Transport Pilot License* Must have five (5) years of related experience. *If no ATP, must meet the requirements of: • 14 CFR part 61.153 • 14 CFR part 61.64 without a Supervised Operating Experience (SOE) limitation. Preferred: Basic computer proficiency – Microsoft Office and other internet based programs A minimum of one unrestricted PIC type rating; FAR Part 135, FAR Part 121, or military training experience; 2,500 hours of total flight time EASA / European instructor requirements: Hold or have held a CPL, MPL or ATPL in the appropriate aircraft category (although see below); Must have five (5) years of related experience. MPA: for an SFI(A) for multi-pilot airplanes, have at least 1,500 hours flight time as a pilot on multi-pilot airplanes SPHPCA: for an SFI(A) for single-pilot high performance complex airplanes (such as Mustang, PC-24, HA-420, Premier, C525, etc.) • Have at least 1,500 hours flight time as a pilot in multi-pilot operations (such as flying for a Commercial Operator in SPHPCA which requires 2 pilots) to train Multi-Pilot Operations • Have at least 500 hours of flight time as PIC on single-pilot airplanes • Hold or have held a multi-engine IR(A) rating COMPETENCIES (to perform the job successfully, in individual should demonstrate the following competencies): Accountability - Shows up to work as scheduled, and follows instructions, policies, and procedures. Meets productivity standards, deadlines, and work schedules. Accepts full responsibility for quality of work, both independent and team projects. Communication - Conveys ideas and facts verbally and in writing by presenting information clearly, concisely, politely and professionally to all appropriate parties while listening carefully to others to ensure information is understood. Approachability - Earns others’ trust and respect through consistent honesty and professionalism in all interactions. Does the right thing, even when it is difficult or not recognized. Does not yield to pressure to show bias or manipulate others. Organizational Awareness - Knows the organization’s mission and how it’s social, political and technological systems work and operate effectively within them. Understands how programs, policies, procedures, rules and regulations drive and impact the work and objective of the organization. Teamwork - Cooperates and collaborates with all teammates to achieve common goals by sharing information or expertise; working together to solve problems in a positive manner while valuing the contributions of others. Adaptability - Quickly modifies behavior to maintain effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or work environment. Approaches change as opportunities for learning and development. Customer Focus - Builds and maintains customer satisfaction by; assessing their needs, provide accurate information or assistance, resolves their problems or works to exceed their expectations in a courteous manner. Strives to continually enhance the service experience. Detail Oriented - Diligently attends to details and pursues quality in accomplishing tasks by checking work to ensure accuracy and completeness. Initiative - Proactively identifies what needs to be done and takes action to achieve a standard of excellence beyond job expectations. Strives to increase instructor qualifications to maximize utility within the program. Presentation Skills - Through the use of well-developed techniques and skills, is able to present information clearly and effectively to a group. Time Management - Demonstrates the ability to plan and control how the hours of the day are spent to maximize personal efficiency in accomplishing set goals.
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