Job Details
Date Apr, 21 2020
Position Manager
Title Residential Manager--Pilots (Residential)
Location Kentucky, USA
Requirements • The Residential Manager oversees all aspects of cottage operations for scheduled shifts and serves as a role model for staff and residents. • Oversees the clinical and program operations of the cottage • Supervises and manages cottage staff • Oversees treatment and service delivery(e.g., admissions/departures, treatment plans, lethality assessments, etc.) • Ensures compliance with local, grant, contract, or licensure requirements for youth treatment • Conducts regular inter-disciplinary team management meetings and treatment planning meetings • Reviews data and reports trends/action plans to Residential Director or the appropriate personnel • Maintains up-to-date information on OIG and COA guidelines • Ensures on-going staff and program development training • Acts as a liaison to the campus and larger community • Maintains constant on-call status for crisis management and cottage staffing needs • Provides on-going training and supervision in the clinical and program development of all staff • Directs and monitors the administrative operations of the cottage • Oversees administration of and provides input to the Director of PRTF Programs regarding budget • Provides staff with direction and priorities • Coordinates appropriate scheduling and staffing for the cottage with administrative personnel • Continually monitors performance of assigned personnel and reviews performance with individuals as per departmental guidelines • Receives and handles referral calls from admissions director or program operations manager • Creates and maintains a clean and family style environment
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