Job Details
Date Jun, 30 2020
Position Helicopter Pilot
Title CH-47 Maintenance Test Pilot
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Requirements EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE - Must be qualified mission, type, design, and series of Aircraft. Must have 1000 hours Pilot-in-Command time. Must have FAA commercial pilot or airline transport pilot certificate and the appropriate category and class rating. Contractor maintenance pilots (MP) shall have successfully completed MTPC. Pilots flying CH-47, aircraft must be a MTPC graduate in the particular aircraft prior to assuming Pilot-In-Command (PC) and MP duties in those aircraft. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES - • Contractor pilots shall not perform flight duties after receiving treatment, medication, or drugs until properly cleared by a designated medical examiner. Further, the Government reserves the right to have Contractor pilots examined at US Army medical facility when deemed necessary. • Contractor pilots shall meet the qualification requirements of AR 95-20. All pilots shall meet the requirements of FAA instrument certification; no waivers shall be granted. • Contractor pilots shall successfully complete an Initial and annual maintenance test pilot (MP) evaluation IAW the criteria for standardization/evaluation of flight crewmembers in the Government approved Contractor’s Procedures (maneuver standards are as stated in Aircrew Training Manual). At the direction of the GFR, the MP evaluations shall be given by those Contractor pilots qualified as maintenance test flight evaluators (ME) or by the Government. At the direction of the GFR, the Contractor pilot flight proficiency is subject to random evaluation by an agent of the Government. • Annual FAA Second class flight physical or an Army class 2 FDME. • Pass a drug screening/background check.
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