Job Details
Date Jul, 29 2020
Position Pilot
Title Life Flight Pilot - Fixed Wing
Location Utah, USA
Requirements Minimum Requirements: • Fixed Wing Pilot in Command: Must hold an ATP certificate, Airplane multi-engine land rating. 3,000 flight hours in airplanes. 500 flight hours at night. 1,500 flight hours cross country. 200 flight hours instrument of which 100 in actual instrument. 1,000 flight hours in a multi-engine airplane. 500 flight hours in a turbine airplane. • All candidates are required to participate in (A) pre-employment drug and alcohol testing in compliance with federal regulations of DOT Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); AND (B) Intermountain's drug and alcohol testing. Candidates will be provided required testing documents and will be informed in regard to the substances for which they will be tested. Physical Requirements: • Interact with others requiring the employee to verbally communicate as well as hear and understand spoken information, and identify volume, tone, and quality of telecom signals. • Support the weight of aviation and clinical equipment while transporting it. Push or pull portable equipment, including heavy items. • Expected to lift and utilize full range of movement to transfer patients. Will also bend to retrieve, lift, and carry supplies and equipment. Typically includes items of varying weights, up to and including heavy items. Required to lift at least 50 lbs. • May be expected to stand or sit in a stationary position for an extended period of time. • Ascend and descend stairs to and from and off and on aircraft. • Raise or lower an object from one level to another. • Operate aviation equipment, tools, computers, and devices requiring the ability to move fingers and hands. • See and read various monitors and documents. • Transport oneself from place to place. • Move around on hands and knees, including in small confined spaces within aircraft. Lower body by bending at the hips and the knees or to place body weight on one or both knees. Preferred Requirements: • Fixed Wing Pilot in Command: EMS Experience. • 300 flight hours at night. • Actual Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) experience.
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