Job Details
Date Oct, 08 2020
Position Helicopter Pilot
Title Pilot (IFR) RW - RCH 100 - CON AIR - Multi Mission (Fire/Rescue/EMS) - Concord, CA
Location California, USA
Requirements Qualifications: • 3000 hours total time (helicopter) • 1500 hours PIC (helicopter) • 1500 hours turbine • 500 hours of cumulative night experience • 200 hours of cumulative IFR experience (IFR & IFR Reserve Position) • FAA Commercial Rotorcraft Certification • Helicopter Instrument Rating • Current FAA Class II Medical Certificate • (Preferred but not required) o Single Pilot IFR experience o NVG Experience o EC-135/145 experience o FAR 135 Experience o Previous HAA experience o ATP (H) Rating o Flight Currency within past 12 months Experience in the following is preferred, but not required: • Helicopter hoist/technical rescue experience • Meeting emergencies, rapid problem-solving, and sound decision-making in the field with changing conditions • Building consensus and teamwork under stressful conditions • Planning and organizing work assignments • Extreme confined space/precision flight operations • Long line/belly hook experience • Aerial Firefighting (spotter) • Aerial Firefighting (Bambi bucket) • Heavy-lift, logging or utility experience • Low to high angle and swift water rescue techniques General Requirements: • Excellent customer service skills • Ability to communicate professionally, effectively and persuasively (oral and written) • Ability to maintain composure under pressure, work efficiently and accurately with frequent interruptions, and set and reset multiple priorities • Presents a professional image as a REACH Flight Team member. • Maintains a positive team attitude and cohesive working relationship with nurses, paramedics, pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians, communication specialists and all other supporting departments • Maintains proficiency and exercises best practices regarding relevant aviation SOPs, protocols and policies • Stays current on local EMS Agency and/or county protocols and requirements • Maintains proficiency and evaluates risk/benefit of helicopter and ground rescue operations • Directs, educates and coordinates colleagues on medical calls and trauma scenes to achieve maximum effectiveness • Works collaboratively with other public service/public safety entities in a variety of inter-agency operations • Maintains currency in all required trainings and certifications Physical Requirements (Standard): • Performs activities requiring a moderate amount of standing, sitting, and walking • Able to conduct activities requiring a moderate to rigorous amount of static pushing, pulling, reaching and lifting (knuckle height and ankle height) • Capable of lifting 75lbs. floor to bench height • Capable of safe and expedient ingress/egress to and from aircraft or emergency vehicles in undeveloped landing zones or unrefined, uneven ground • Ability to hear routine aircraft and medical equipment noises • Maintains a “duty” weight (body weight + uniform/equipment – helmet not included) of less than 220lbs (weigh-ins every quarter) for Multi-Mission Rotor Wing (Helicopter) operations • Must be able to wear a commercially available respirator mask with proper fit, when required • Requires close and distant visual capability • Periodic hands to key ability (typing) • Ability to work within a 24-hour job environment Physical Requirements (Advanced): • Ability to mentally focus for extended periods of time under stress. • Able to maintain precision control of aircraft and hoist litter in variable flight conditions. • Capable of concise radio communication and crew feedback, accepting multiple, rapid, blind-flight commands from hoist operator crew members.
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