Job Details
Date Jan, 14 2021
Position Pilot
Title Float Rotor Wing Pilot
Location Montana, USA
Requirements • High School diploma or equivalent required • Bachelor’s Degree preferred • Minimum of 5 years’ experience as a professional pilot required • Minimum of 2500 hours total time as pilot in command • Minimum of 2500 hours R/W time required • Minimum 100 hours Simulated / Actual instrument time required • Minimum 200 hours of unaided night time required • Minimum 1500 R/W Turbine hours required • Pilots with air medical transportation experience are preferred • Pilots with NVG experience are preferred • Mountain experience is preferred. Experience evaluated on a case-by-case basis • Must hold a FAA Commercial Helicopter Certificate with Instrument Helicopter Rating • Airline Transport Pilot certificate (ATP) preferred • Must have and maintain a FAA second class flight physical • Performs pre and post-flight inspections. Plans flights, assists in loading of passengers, baggage and cargo, and analyzes weather conditions • Maintains logs and records, as required, and prepares written reports • Operates aircraft tug, tractor, and/or ground handling equipment • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite • Excellent grammar; verbal and written communication, and customer service skills • Travel by personal or company vehicle throughout LFN’s service area is required • Must possess a valid driver’s license and automobile in good repair. Must provide proof of auto insurance and meet Drivers Policy requirements CORE ACCOUNTABILITIES: SAFETY: • Ensure adherence to LFN safety and risk management culture as outlined in Safety and Risk Management Agreement, SMS, and related policies • Preserve safety and risk management culture and rules • Report all concerns related to safety and risk management immediately, working with Director of Safety and Risk Management, Director of Quality Management and others as needed • Be knowledgeable regarding all safety and risk management policies and procedures; be an agent for communicating safety and risk management information TEAMWORK: Cooperation, adaptability, flexibility, communication, dependability, supports team goals • Works collaboratively with all departments • Establishes and maintains open communication to enhance team effort • Demonstrates flexibility in response to unexpected changes in work volume, emergencies, staffing and scheduling • Fulfills work schedule and commitments • Looks for opportunities to assist co-workers RESPECT AND CARING: Compassion, customer relations, professional behavior, and confidentiality, valuing diversity • Uses interpersonal skills that convey a positive and supportive attitude • Uses discretion in discussions related to staffing or personal concerns • Gives constructive feedback in a non-blaming, positive and confidential manner • Makes continuous effort to identify opportunities to exceed customer needs and expectations • Demonstrates commitment to understanding and valuing individual differences and fosters an environment of acceptance, fairness and mutual respect EFFECTIVE USE OF RESOURCES: Effective use of time, people, supplies, safe and attentive work practices: • Works in a safe manner, putting safety above all other concerns • Maintains a safe and clean work environment. Cleans aircraft, unit quarters and hangars • Promotes cost effectiveness through the proper use and conservation of supplies and equipment • Identifies cost saving measures • Reports needed repairs or potential hazards to the appropriate department as soon as identified • Reports all on-the-job injuries and seeks medical attention as appropriate INITIATIVE: Self-motivation, takes on project willingly, acts on opportunities to improve, and contributes new ideas: • Takes the initiative to identify and mitigate problems • Supports improvement and innovation in the workplace • Demonstrates awareness of and supports LFN goals through participation in continuous quality improvement and company activities • Promotes professional development and contributes to the professional growth of others
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