Job Details
Date Apr, 24 2021
Position Flight Attendant
Title Gulfstream G550 Flight Attendant - Las Vegas, NV
Location Nevada, USA
Requirements Qualifications and Certifications: • Knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations. • First Aid Training Certification. • 5+ years proven experience as a Corporate Flight Attendant • Flight attendant specific training from FlightSafety, FACTs or similar is preferred. Annual recurrent training is required. Candidates without formal flight attendant training may be considered based on other qualification but must attend initial flight attendant training course prior to flight assignment. Preference shown to candidates who have completed FlightSafety, FACTs or similar training within the past 12 months. • Excellent Interpersonal and Customer Service Skills. • Must be technologically savvy • Flexibility and patience a must • Ability to speak one or more foreign languages fluently a plus. • Culinary Skills, Plating as well as preparing meals. • Able to handle a changing schedule with off hour flights. • Experience with small children preferred. • Available to fly on short notice (2-3 hour response if on Standby). • Unrestricted ability to travel worldwide (consider health and visa status). • Able to deploy for consecutive days on the road. • Operation of all features of the Cabin Management Systems, Galley Equipment and all cabin features, to include berthing seats and configuring the divan into a bed. Physical Conditions: • Seeing: Vision is required to be correctable to 20/20 or better with glasses or contact lenses (uncorrected no worse than 20/20). Must be able to read reports, charts, manage post-flight paperwork, and to use a computer, smartphone and/or iPad device. • Hearing/Speaking: Must be able to speak clearly. Must be able to hear well enough to communicate over the phone in and person with clients and co-workers/pilots when the aircraft is in flight. • Standing/Walking: Must be physically capable and strong enough to walk and stand without assistance. Must be able to stand for up to 14 hours with limited ability to sit and be able to work long hours in various climates. • Climbing/Stooping/Kneeling/Bending: Must be able to kneel in luggage compartment, load trip, AC supplies and luggage, as well as maneuver in tight confinements within the aircraft. • Fingering/Grasping/Feeling/Strength: Must be able to push open/pull closed the main cabin door, which weighs up to 130 pounds, must also be able to write, type, use a computer and a phone as well as prepare/cook and serve guest food and beverages. Must be able to lift supplies weighing approximately 25 to 30 pounds, from floor level to waist high repeatedly. Working Conditions: Normal Aircraft working conditions with moderate noise level
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