Job Details
Date Apr, 28 2021
Position Helicopter Pilot
Title Flight Instructor - Rotor Wing
Location Utah, USA
Requirements Education and Experience: 1. 200 hours total flight time in helicopters. 2. FAA Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) Helicopter & CFI Instrument Helicopter. 3. SFAR 73 endorsement to instruct in Robinson R44. 4. Completed, or scheduled, Robinson factory safety course. 5. Current FAA Class I or Class II Medical Certificate. 6. Aircraft piloting skills, including familiarity with and ability to perform required flight maneuvers and procedures. 7. Knowledge of and ability to apply effective instructional technique in the classroom and in flight. 8. Knowledge of appropriate Federal Aviation Regulations and related administrative and operational procedures and requirements. 9. Ability to work well under pressure in fast-paced and noisy environment while exercising sound judgment at all times. 10. Strong customer service skills. 11. Maintain 80% pass rate for final review and stage checks. 12. Density Altitude flying above 5,000 feet Preferred: 1. CFII rating 2. Bravo Airspace experience
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