Job Details
Date Jun, 02 2021
Position Manager
Title Manager of Check Pilot
Location Texas, USA
Requirements Essential functions: • At all times, discharge the duties of this position to meet applicable regulations and to maintain a safe operation • Oversee pilot and instructor standardization • Ensure pilots meet the highest standards of performance in accordance with all aspects of the Flight Operations Manual and applicable 14 CFR regulations • Perform pilot checking and certification, operating experience training, and/or captain FAA observation flights • Act as a Company representative in the Pilot ASAP ERC • Conduct verbal counseling and retraining based on recommendations from the ASAP ERC • In coordination with other appropriate departments, interpret and administer all applicable sections of the General Operations Manual and Aircraft Operations Manual • Maintain and update evaluation manuals pertinent to the Company’s Advanced Qualification Program • Analyze and Interpret Data for continual improvements in the Company’s Advanced Qualification Program • Observe and audit all check pilot functions to ensure standardization, calibration and AQP Inter-rater Reliability (IRR) • Support the Manager of Flight Standards to supervise and maintain an adequate staff of Check Pilots • Liaison with the OEM regarding aircraft and line flight related matters • Perform Flight Manager duties when scheduled • Accountable for the Safety Management System (SMS) responsibilities described in the Company's SMS Manual and Title 14 CFR Part 5.23 • Participate in operational control in coordination with the Director of Operations • Assist with other duties and tasks that may be assigned by the Manager of Flight Standards • Act as a flight crewmember from either seat when required General requirements & qualifications: • Have the certificates and ratings to be able to act as PIC in the EMB-145 aircraft in 14 CFR 121 operations • Have a thorough understanding of 14 CFR 121 operations and 14 CFR 121 training • Check Pilot and Management experience preferred • Advanced Qualification Program experience preferred • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)
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