Job Details
Date Jul, 21 2021
Position Helicopter Pilot
Title National Pool Pilot - Phoenix, AZ
Location Arizona, USA
Requirements QUALIFICATIONS/EXPERIENCE: • Current and Qualified on the VE7A Certificate • Commercial and Instrument helicopter ratings • First Class Medical- renewed annually • CAMTS Requirements, 2,000 Total Hours; 1,500 Hours Helicopter; 1,000 Hours PIC Helicopters; 500 Hours Turbine Helicopters; • 12 Months EMS / HAA experience • 100 Total hours in Unaided Night Operations or 50 Hours Unaided and 100 Hours Night Vision Goggles (NVG); • 100 hours Instrument (Actual and Hood) • 215 lbs. body weight limit • Requires extensive travel schedule to PHI field bases and other facilities. • Strong communication, internal and external customer service skills • Must be able to pass pre-placement physical exam including functional capacity exam (strength and flexibility assessment, lift 100 pounds to assist in the loading and unloading of patients and equipment.), drug screening and background screen
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