Job Details
Date Oct, 13 2021
Position Pilot
Title Senior Captain
Location California, USA
Requirements Basic Qualifications: Gulfstream G600 Aircraft Experience OR Gulfstream G280 Aircraft Experience And Doctorate degree & 2 years of aviation experience Or Master’s degree & 4 years of aviation experience Or Bachelor’s degree or & 6 years of aviation experience Or Associate’s degree & 10 years of aviation experience Or High school diploma / GED & 10 years of aviation experience Preferred Qualifications: Gulfstream G600 AND Gulfstream G280 Aircraft Experience Technical Experience: • Airline Transport Pilot License, Multi-Engine Land • First Class FAA physical • FCC Radio Telephone Operator Permit • Total flight time - 5000 hours; Pilot-in-Command - 2000 hours; Multi-Engine - 2000 hours; and Jet - 1000 hours; Make/Model - 100 hours (preferred) • Actual instrument and night time - 10% of total time • Recent significant long range, international business jet experience • Aircraft specific experience • Strong decision making abilities as a professional aviator • Strong written and verbal communication skills in the English language • Focus on safety and building a safety-oriented environment • Ability to work within a structured, standardized environment with an emphasis on professionalism, CRM and world-class standards • No record of aircraft accidents, incidents, or violations • Exemplary employment record as evidenced by performance reviews, references, and letters of recommendation • Indication of progressive career advancement • Demonstrated ability as a team player • Ability to work well within Amgen’s culture of entrepreneurship and diversity
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