Job Details
Date Jan, 14 2022
Position Pilot
Title Pilot (IFR) Fixed Wing
Location California, USA
Requirements • QUALIFICATIONS: • ATP Written Certification • Current FAA Class II Medical Certificate • 2500 Hours Total Time • 1000 Hours PIC • 100 Hours Night Flying • 75 Hours Instrument Time Fixed Wing Pilot: California/Oregon Border Region Minimum Required Qualifications: • 3000 hours total time (airplane) • 1500 hours PIC (airplane) • 1000 hours of multi-engine time • 500 hours turbo prop • 500 hours IMC • 500 hours cumulative night experience • 200 hours of cumulative IFR experience • ATP rating is required • EMS and FAR 135 experience preferred • Formal FAA approved training Physical Requirements: While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequently required to do the following: • Must be acceptable in accordance with the FAA drug and alcohol testing program • Requires activities requiring a moderate amount of standing, sitting and walking. • Able to conduct activities requiring a moderate to rigorous amount of static pushing, pulling, reaching and lifting. • Capable of lifting 75 lbs. floor to bench height. • Ability to hear routine aircraft noises. • Requires close and distant visual capability (Class 2 Aviation Medical). Environment Conditions: • The FW Pilot duties are performed in either indoor or outdoor environments. • The FW Pilot may be exposed to routine office noises, moderate electrical or mechanical hazards and frequent exposure to an aircraft hangar environment • FW Pilot may be exposed to loud aircraft noise, fumes, gases, odors, dust particles and mechanical/electrical and chemical hazards. • The FW Pilot must be present at work site to complete the job. Protective Equipment: • Nomex full body flight suit, and leather or Nomex boots during all flight operations. • PPE – latex gloves, goggles and HEPA mask • Hearing protection (plugs, band or head set) Work Place Conditions: Pilots are not required to be at the Airport base, but are required to respond to the airport within 20 minutes of the time called. Work Schedule: The pilot schedule is a 12 hour shift, 7 days on and 7 days off. Some shifts may over run but not longer than 15 hours per shift. Reporting Relationship: The FW Pilot reports directly to the Lead Pilot, followed by the Chief Pilot, and ultimately to the Director of Aviation.
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