Job Details
Date Aug, 05 2022
Position Pilot
Title Captain - Aircraft Fixed Wing
Location Pennsylvania, USA
Requirements Required Skills & Certifications: • Valid FAA Airline Transport Pilot Rating with appropriate type, class, category and competency certificates applicable to Division aircraft • FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operators Permit • Current FAA First Class Medical Certificate • Certificates essential to procure a valid U.S. passport with no restrictions. • Proficient in Microsoft Office with experience in Excel • Experience with Oracle invoicing Preferred Skills: • A minimum of 4,000 flight hours and four years degree (or equivalent specifically approved waiver by General Manager). • Flying experience will be broadly diversified between domestic and international travel from previous experience in business flight operations or military experience. Work Environment: • Extensive travel during non typical working hours required. • Working knowledge of computer, mobile devices and internet based applications required. • Communication through verbal, written, and electronic means is required. • Frequently required to lift or move up to 50#. Requisition Type: US-Exempt Job Category: Business & Support Services
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