Job Details
Date Mar, 21 2023
Position Pilot
Title Dual Rated Pilot
Location Texas, USA
Requirements The ideal candidate must possess the following: • Dual Rated (FW/RW) • FAA First Class Medical • Successful completion of FAA Background Check • Successfully Pass Pre-Employment Medical Examination • Successfully Pass Security Background Checks • Passport Required • ATP Airplane ME Land with Instrument Rating • Commercial Instrument Rotorcraft-Helicopter • Minimum 1500 hours Total • Minimum 750 hours as PIC • Minimum 300 PIC hours is similar type aircraft Preferred: • SA-227 Type Rating or Experience • LUH-72A, BK117C2 or EC145 Rating or Experience/Instructor • Aviation Safety experience and/or courses • US Army LUH Instructor/Instrument Examiner Experience • US Army ALSE Course Graduate Education Requirements: Minimum: High School diploma Preferred: Undergraduate degree Physical requirements of the job: Incumbent is required to: be able to lift a minimum of 50 Lbs., perform aircraft piloting duties for up to 10 hours a day, be exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions while working outside including but not limited to extreme heat, cold and adverse weather conditions.
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