Job Details
Date May, 26 2023
Position Pilot
Title CBA - Plane Captain - AHTS - Whiting Field - Milton, FL
Location Florida, USA
Requirements • Will be required to operate self propelled ground equipment during daily routine. Services are primarily performed outside. • Must complete training program and be certified in writing as a plane captain and required to re- qualify semi-annually. • May be required to use hazardous materials in performance of assigned duties. • Limited use of hand tools which normally include screwdrivers, flashlights and tools necessary to assist with engine rinses and aircraft washes. • Must display a good working knowledge of assigned aircraft and servicing requirements. • Must display a good working knowledge of inspection requirements and Company instructions. Must complete a Government approved Plane Captain Certification Program for type aircraft. Must be able to read, speak, write legibly and understand the English language. • Launch and recover aircraft in accordance with specific guidelines during day and night hours. Perform aircraft inspections in accordance with published criteria. • Perform fueling operations using gravity fill and closed circuit refueling methods. Act as a member of an aircraft moving crew when assigned. • Perform aircraft washing and lubrication when assigned. Act as a member of the engine rinse team when assigned. • Be familiar with and operate portable fire fighting equipment. • Use provided safety equipment when working with hazardous materials. Maintain cleanliness of the work center and around your assigned work area.
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