Job Details
Date Sep, 18 2023
Position Pilot
Title Drone Pilot
Location Texas, USA
Requirements Competencies: • Knowledge of UAV sensor systems (Methane detection, Lidar, and image collection systems). • Knowledge of sensor mounting and stabilization hardware. • Knowledge of sensor power and data transfer hardware. • Knowledge of CAD, or Computer Aided Design software. • Knowledge of CNC software and equipment. • Knowledge of 3-d printing. • Knowledge of 3-d scanners. Required Education and Experience: • A degree in aviation, Mechanical Engineering, or Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering, with 2 years experience. Or • 3 plus years experience designing, constructing and/or integrating sensor payloads into unmanned aircraft/drones. • Experience designing, building, or integrating sensor payloads into manned aircraft. • UAV pilots license required. • Private pilot’s license or higher rating, or desire to obtain rating is preferred. • Supervisory or management experience is preferred. • Ability to work directly with the client. • Sales experience is preferred. • Valid Driver's License required.
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