Job Details
Date Sep, 18 2023
Position Pilot
Title Pilot - Global 7500 Captain (PIC)
Location California, USA
Requirements Requirements: • Operate ACI Jet aircraft in a safe and efficient manner while in compliance with all company rules and regulations, manufacturers’ limitations and manuals, governmental rules and regulations, and any other requirements of agencies having jurisdiction over the flight. • Coordinate with ACI Jet Flight Dispatch personnel to ensure that the goals and objectives relating to assigned flight operations are achieved and carried out in accordance with applicable policies and procedures. • Provide unparalleled courtesy, professionalism, and customer service to ACI Jet clients and owners. • Ensure that Electronic Flight Bag(s) (EFB) are kept current with the latest navigation and application dates. • Remain knowledgeable relative to the applicable portions of the ACI Jet Air Carrier Operations Manual (ACOM). • Thoroughly review and acknowledge revisions to the ACOM in a timely manner. • Ensure that a proper preflight inspection has been accomplished prior to takeoff including but not limited to the aircraft, its publications, documentation, equipment, passenger service items, fuel, weather conditions at destination, en route, alternate airports and departure points, customs, permits, and airport/runway suitability. HERE'S THE TYPE OF PERSON: • Total Time: Minimum 4,000 hours total time; minimum 2,500 hours multi-engine. • Must have a current and valid Pilot’s Certificate (ATP) with an English proficient endorsement. • Ultra Long Range Business Aviation and significant international experience required. • Must be able to maintain a First Class Medical. • Must be able to maintain a valid United States Passport. • Must be able to work as a part of a team in a high stress, fast-paced environment. • Must be highly motivated and organized. • Must be willing to relocate to within 2 hours drive time of KSBP airport.
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